Saturday, June 4, 2011

Real Beauty - Dr. Anwer Jamal

Who does not like good looking face and body but mostly are got by birth not by their own attempt.. Nobody has power to grow his hight as he wants. Men and women , who are in the field of modeling are beautiful by birth. They did only polish  and try to keep them fit.It is not right to check anyone seen by his beauty which is not in his hand. Especially then, he is not only a body but he has mind and soul also.
That man is able to entitle beautiful in real, who keep always good thinking and good acts. The man who has positive thinking, his deeds will be maeningful, It is fixed. Such a man is full of qualities like love, peace, co-operation and charity. He tries his best to get remove the troubles of the people around him. The people are among them who sacrify themselves in the interest of their nation and country.

Easy tips to get true beauty
1. Necessary thought- A man needs eating, drinking, house, dress, education and medical care. To get these things whatever he thoughts called nessessary thought.
2. Useless thought- A lot of thoughts about past and future come in useless thoughts.
3. Negative thought- Anger, proud, jealous and greed make a man negative.
4. Positive thought- Against negative thinking love, peace and charity are known as positive thinking. These thoughts are foundation of success for a man and civilization.  Positive thinking makes a man useful and popular in the society.
To know our thoughts and improve them is known as 'Thought management'. By this art anyone can make himself gentle and kind and make his mind good and pure.
Who has made his mind positive, he deserves to be known as beautiful personality in real.


Shalini kaushik said...

good thoughts .nice post.

Shalini kaushik said...

you are the winner without any doubt..